Ballers Bridge sits down with Compton Magic PG Justin Bibbins.

Justin Bibbins is a speedy floor general who is having an excellent spring/summer with the Compton Magic. Bibbins is a gifted offensive player who is absolutely lethal in the open court. It will be interesting to see what schools become involved with this talented prospect after the July evaluation periods.

Where does all that energy come from – you never get tired?Justin Bibbins

It’s just repetition, always playing hard. I also owe it to practice. All of my coaches push me and push me harder than what it is like in the game, so I am ready.

You really competed hard at the Pangos – how did you think you did there?

It was a great event. Playing against some of the best players from here in California and the rest of the country, it made me work harder. A lot of times, I was matched up with someone who is bigger or has a bigger name than me. That made me go at them harder, and I was able to show what I can do.

What schools are you hearing from the most?

Columbia, Brown, Portland State and Princeton.




Ballers Bridge catches up with Martin Luther King (HS) and Atlanta Celtic’s power forward, Greg King.

Greg King is a coach’s dream. At 6’6″ this wiry combo forward plays with great energy. Relentless is the best way to describe him. King is that rare high school prospect who not only understands his role, he also embraces it. It is no surprise that college coaches from around the country covet this talented and selfless prospect.

How are you guys doing this summer? GregKing

Our team is doing real good. We have a team full of athletes, and I’m playing my role – everything is going good. I also feel that more coaches are talking to me.

What is your role with the Celtics?

My role is basically to defend, rebound, block shots and bring energy.

What role do you play on your school team?

At Martin Luther King I have a bigger role. They count on me to score a lot more at MLK. Here with the Celtics, everybody is good so you have to take a backseat at times, and I am cool with that.

What do college coaches say they like about you?

They like my versatility, and they see my game progressing.



Ballers Bridge sits down with Southern Stampede and Morgan County point guard, Tookie Brown.

Watch Tookie Brown play and it doesn’t take long to realize that you are watching one of the country’s elite prospects. This 5’10” point guard has been on college coaches’ radars since his freshman year when he led Morgan County High School in scoring at 18.1 PPG. Brown is fearless on the court, and he embraces the big moment. As a rising Junior, it is safe to say we will be hearing about this talented prospect plenty over the next two years.

Tookie Brown

Who are you playing with this summer, and how is the season going?

I’m playing with Southern Stampede 15U, and it has gone pretty good. We are playing as a team, and we are trying to win every game. I am playing very well – I’m being more vocal and listening to my coaches. I’ve also been working to get my shot more consistent.

How does your role change when you go from playing with Morgan County to Southern Stampede?

It is not different at all. I have to stay vocal and be a leader in everything we do.



Ballers Bridge catches up with Tucker HS and Georgia Tornadoes class of 2015 standout, Shembari Phillips.

Shembari Phillips is an intriguing prospect. At 6’4″, this highly athletic combo guard can hurt his opponents in a number of ways. Offensively, Phillips can do a little bit of everything: he can shoot out to the three point line, he can score and distribute in transition (which he oftentimes ignites with his defense), and he competes on every possession. Phillips already holds offers from Tulane and Ole Miss. Once you watch his film, it’s easy to see why.

Who are you playing with this summer, and how have you guys doneShembari Phillips this far?

The Georgia Tornadoes. We are doing really good. We have played in a few big tournaments: The Wallace Prather and The Blue Chip Memorial in Kentucky, and we have also traveled to Mississippi and Alabama.

What position are you playing?

Right now, I play the one, and I also play on the wing some, but I mostly play the one. I am playing really well. I am scoring and geting stops on defense.

What schools are you hearing from right now?

I have offers from Ole Miss and Tulane with interest from Auburn, Georgia, UCLA, Tennessee, Texas A&M and George Mason.

What do you like about Ole Miss?

I like the way Coach Kennedy coaches. He really pushes his guys to be great. The offense that they run fits my game too.



Ballers Bridge catches up with one of 2016’s best, QJZ Basketball and Chino Hills stud, Lonzo Ball.

Lonzo Ball is a special player. Blessed with terrific height for the point guard position, this rising sophomore is an absolute killer on the offensive end. At 6’4″, Ball can hit shots out to 27 feet, and he is also a lethal passer. We had the chance to catch up with Ball after he recently returned from USA Basketball’s U-16 National Team try-out.

What did you learn from the USA try-outs?Lonzo Ball

It was real competitive out there. It was a good experience to go out there and compete with a talented group of guys.

How about Coach Showalter, what did you take from him?

I learned more about ball screens and defensive positioning. I feel more comfortable in those areas because of my time out there. Coach also said to cherish every moment that you have, and be the best person you can be.

What was your favorite part about the experience?

Being around a bunch of dudes who love basketball as much as I do.



Ballers Bridge catches up with Oakland Rebel and Newark Memorial (HS) standout, Joey Frenchwood.

Joey Frenchwood is one of the most electric players in northern California. This talented floor general thrives under pressure, and he is not afraid of the big moment. Frenchwood has missed the first part of the AAU season due to injury, and he is anxious to get back on the floor and compete with the Oakland Rebels.

When are you going to be back in action? jfrench2

I’am good to go now!

What have you been doing to stay in shape?

A lot of rehab in the pool, a lot of basketball drills and strength exercises. I have been dribbling and doing some light shooting, so my shot and everything is still good. My explosion and my jumping will be better because of this experience though.

What exactly happened?

An overworked tendon took away from my ability to explode.  I was at about 70% during this past season. I wasn’t full strength at any point during this past season.




Joey Goodreault is one of the most versatile prospects the class of 2014 has to offer in northern California. Watch Goodreault play, and you realize there isn’t much this young man can’t do on the court. He locks up defensively, has a diverse arsenal of offensive skills, and he competes on every possession. Goodreault is on Ivy League schools’ radars in addition to a number of California schools. He will look to show them what type of player he is during the month of July.

How have you done so far this AAU Season – both individually and as a JGteam?

I’ve shot the ball well and handled the ball well, but I feel that my defensive presence can improve. I could be mentally tougher in certain situations, but overall I feel that I have had two solid tournaments.

Our team has played well, but I still feel that we could have worked harder. We didn’t step on the throats of the teams we should have beaten, but we have only lost one game in our last two tournaments, so that’s a plus.

How is your role different here with the Rebels than with Miramonte?

At Miramonte, I take on a lot of responsibility. My role is to be a facilitator and scorer. There is so much talent on the Rebels that I get to play my game. Teams can not just focus on me because of how talented we are.